Actual cases of elder abuse

Senior Wellness and Protection: Have peace of mind your elders are safe!

Itís a fact that fraud against the elderly has increased steadily. Last year alone we worked cases which included the following:

Palm Beach, FL: Two professional women living in Boston and New Your hire a CNA to care for their mother in her penthouse. The caregiver kept no records of time and activities with the mother. The caregiver used charge cards, and had their mother sign checks for over $100,000 in 'extra' necessities. The CNA had taken fine antiques to her own apartment and stolen fine jewelry. They trusted her. Luckily Martin Investigation recovered the jewelry and found storage units containing the procured antiques.

Singer Island, FL: An elderly widowed gentleman in declining health was 'befriended' by a young female who then quietly procured 4 properties in her name with the gentleman's funds. We found the properties and the heirs were able to reclaim a good part of their true inheritance.

Boca Raton, FL: A family with homes around the world had 5 staff that were paid full time. Martin Investigation provided proof that the 'hired staff' was not doing the work they were being well paid for. The family attorney stated the family lost nearly 2 million in false 'overtime' charges.


This is but a small representation of fraud investigations that we continue to work every day.

Let us put the serenity back into your life with our Peace of Mind Wellness Checks. We will personally assure you that your parents are cared for by your hired staff.

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